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Our Mission

To advance the access to personal care and health services for those aging and disabled in every community.

How We Help

The services we offer allow individuals to remain in their own home rather than transition into an institutional setting. While sometimes necessary to meet the needs of the individual or even, in some cases, preferred by the individual, institutional environments can be highly restrictive. For many, institutional care is highly undesirable due to a loss of independence and autonomy, among other reasons.    

Access Personal Care provides a welcome alternative to such environments, through caregiving services provided in the home of the recipient where he or she already lives.  Assistance is provided with daily living tasks like cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Plans of care vary depending on the needs of the particular individual. 

Our friendly, well-trained staff are available to answer questions and address the needs of our customers and those interested in learning more about these services. As a non-profit, our goal is to help you and your loved ones achieve or maintain a better quality of life through personal care services.


What are Personal Care Services?


Personal Care Services available through Access Personal Care® are designed to provide long or short-term assistance for individuals who need help performing one or more daily living activities.  

What are daily living activities?



A daily living activity is simply a task that an individual does as a part of their daily life, such as dressing, cooking, cleaning, or bathing.  These activities can also be something that is not done each and every day, such as grocery shopping or going to the doctor.  Aging and disabilities can often make these activities more difficult and when assistance is needed to maintain your independence, our services can provide the help needed.

How much do these services cost?


The cost depends on multiple factors, including insurance coverage, the amount and the type of assistance needed.  Some of Access Personal Care's services are free for individuals on Medicaid, for example, while others are provided at affordable private pay rates.  Please contact us to learn more about the options available for you or a loved one. 

Why choose Access Personal Care?


Our staff has years of experience working in the personal care services field, and as a non-profit organization, our primary interest is in getting you the help you need at the most affordable rates possible.  We also work closely with and are connected to a variety of community organizations serving individuals of all income levels, making sure that our customers have access to the local resource networks that can assist them with needs related to aging and disability.  For example, Accessibility Medical Equipment® is a partner non-profit organization offering the lowest prices on new and refurbished medical equipment.   

How do I learn more about Caregiver Services through Access Personal Care?


Simply call 816.822.7432 or fill out our Contact Form and our friendly staff will follow up with you! 

Family members assisting elderly lady in walking with cane outdoors through a spring meadow
Father sitting in wheelchair on porch talking and laughing with his son.
Lady with walking cane sitting on couch beside caregiver and/or younger family member.
A senior woman's hands holding a walking stick or cane.
A senior woman enjoying a cup of tea or coffee outside her home.
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