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Updated: Apr 10, 2018

While not suitable for everyone, Self-Directed Personal Care Services, such as those available for qualifying persons through Medicaid, offer important advantages for those who are capable of managing their own care. This list highlights seven such benefits...

1. Choice Of Caregiver(s) - Individuals needing help at home may know a friend, family member, or neighbor qualified to assist them, perhaps even already having done so and prefer to hire such an individual for more extensive or regular assistance. Additionally, he or she can interview prospective caregivers and ensure that whoever they choose, that the fit is right, and that they can meet the specific daily needs of the individual to his or her satisfaction.

2. Employer Authority - If, for any reason, the individual receiving services, who is the employer, is not satisfied with the service provided, he or she has the authority to hire a different caregiver in their place, without having to appeal to a managing provider for a replacement.

3. The Personal Remains Personal - Often called 'Personal' Care because of the highly personal nature of services rendered, which may include dressing assistance, bathing and toileting assistance, and other very private and personal matters, it is obvious that some would only feel comfortable or would highly prefer receiving such help from a select few.

4. Safety & Security - In addition to privacy and comfort, seniors and individuals with disabilities may naturally be cautious of admitting strangers into their home, being particularly vulnerable in such situations.

5. Setting The Schedule - We all have parts of the day when we are at our best while at other times, we may be less so. Having the freedom to set the schedule for assistance can be significant in these instances and when planning daily activities or outings.

6. Providing Gainful Employment - If the individual receiving services knows an individual who is capable of providing the assistance needed and is eager to do so, it only makes sense that this be possible, rather than hiring someone else to perform the same duties. For example, a grandson may be able to provide excellent care for his grandmother, through the compensation he receives, and develop valuable caregiving experience through gainful employment.

7. Familiarity & Community - Home and Community-Based Services are an integrated-setting option provided through Medicaid as an alternative to nursing home placement. Self-

Directed Care offers additional community integration as an alternative to Agency-Directed

Care which brings care into the home which more closely resembles that received through a facility, with less control for the individual.

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