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Improvements in Communication Technology Resources for People with Disabilities through AI (Artificial Intelligence) – Dictation Software

Many people with disabilities face communication challenges and many solutions have been developed through technology in recent years to reduce barriers and increase accessibility. Naturally-speaking voice tools, for example, have been used for the past couple of decades to assist people with a variety of abilities to achieve their goals with writing. Dragon dictate is one of those tools. Originally designed for people with disabilities, dragon dictate NaturallySpeaking offers many options to help anyone get their work done quickly and efficiently. After a little bit of initial training, the software allows you to write and create documents without having to type on a keyboard. As many people with physical disabilities struggle to use a traditional keyboard, this type of software can be helpful for many types of communication access. And now the software comes with additional AI built in. 

There are several types of AI emerging, such as Conversational AI, Ambient AI, and Generative AI.

  • Conversational AI: Systems that understand the meaning, intent, and sentiment of users’ natural language and offer relevant, conversational responses.

  • Ambient AI: Machines that monitor their environment to provide intelligent assistance to users when needed, without having to be specifically prompted.

  • Generative AI: Deep learning models pre-trained on vast amounts of data, enabling them to produce new content in response to user prompts.

AI is in many ways the future of writing because a person can speak, or type, a few words, and the software can help to write sentences and complete documents. This additional feature can increase efficiency, speed of communication, and also now assist individuals to communicate more effectively. By assisting with fleshing out ideas and predicting intent, barriers of language and thought expression may be more easily overcome using AI to produce the user’s intended output more accurately and efficiently. This new AI feature could prove to be helpful for individuals with certain learning or cognitive disabilities who have difficulty forming complete thoughts or finding the correct language or grammar to express their ideas, in addition to improving communication for all users. To learn about AI integration for Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, please visit

If you are a person with a disability who needs help in your home, live in Missouri and qualify for Medicaid, Access Personal Care may be able to help provide in-home personal care services. Please Call 816-822-7432 for more information.

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