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How Can I Get Personal Care in my Home Paid Through Medicaid?

There are many people in Missouri who are in need of personal care services in their home; personal care can include cleaning and cooking, as well as assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, etc. Many times we rely on family members or friends to help us as they can. Through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, some Medicaid recipients can qualify for paid help!

Access Personal Care services a program called Consumer Directed Services (CDS) which allows the person receiving care to act as the employer. This means you can choose your own caregiver, even most family members, if they can pass the required background checks. It allows the family member to care for you and be compensated for their time. You can also set your own schedule and supervise your caregiver to be sure your needs are being met in the way you want.

Another option is In-Home Services (IHS), through which an agency would be engaged to assign a caregiver for you. In this situation, the agency would determine the schedule and act as the employer for the caregiver. A family member CANNOT be the caregiver in this scenario.

If you are looking for assistance with these programs or want further details, please contact us at 816.822.7432, or email at

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