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Does A Caregiver for A Family Member Get Paid For Providing Personal Care?

As an adult child providing care for an aging parent many aspects of life are substantially effected. In most cases, family caregivers also have a job with expectations and duties. Many caregivers consider quitting their employment in order to be more attentive and available for their loved one who needs regular in-home care. This can be a complicated decision to make as it has a direct impact on your financial situation. The most common question asked by individuals caring for a family member is how they can get paid for being the caregiver to their parents?

Individuals considering taking on the personal care of their loved ones may wonder or ask if there is a way that the care recipient can pay them for the services they offer. The answer to this question is yes if both the parties mutually agree on a payment schedule. For residents of Kansas City, Missouri, if the care recipient is eligible for Missouri’s Medicaid Personal Care program, referred to as MOHealthnet Personal Care. He/she can pay their caregiver through this program.

MOHealthnet Personal Care program for the residents of Missouri State offers a consumer-directed personal care program. With the help of Consumer Directed Services (CDS), also identified as self-directed care, qualifying candidates can appoint, train and supervise the individual they choose for their in-home care. Any family members, other than legal guardians or spouses, can be hired as long as they are 18 years or older and pass a background check. Individuals can also hire individuals who are friends, or anyone else they so choose.


Missouri Medicaid's personal care program pays caregivers an hourly rate with the payment criteria as defined by the participant of the personal care program. Most of the caregivers are reimbursed at a rate of $9.00 or $10.50 per hour but with Access Personal Care ® we allow compensation at a rate of $11.00 per hour. The MOHealthnet Personal Care program is mainly designed to act as an alternative for nursing home placement by providing in-home personal care for such individuals who would otherwise need institutionalization due to a physical disability.

While MOHealthnet Personal Care is not limited to the aged population, it often supports the senior population when an individual is not capable of performing daily life activities because of a chronic illness or disability. Care recipients can be of any age over 18 years.

In order to be eligible for Missouri’s Medicaid Personal Care, candidates should be capable and willing to direct their own care. Moreover, the candidates must be enrolled in MOHealthnet (Missouri Medicaid) Personal Care and be determined to have a qualifying disability through a needs assessment. Eligibility for MOHealthnet Personal Care (Missouri Medicaid) is dependent on the age and income of the candidate. For questions about how you can apply these services through MOHealthnet (Missouri Medicaid) or how to transfer to Access Personal Care ® to better compensate your caregiver, call us at 816-822-7432!

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