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How do I know if I Qualify for Consumer Directed Services?

Many people simply don’t know what the requirements or qualifications are for Consumer Directed Services or Agency Directed Services. It can seem overwhelming, but we have information that can help!

Consumer-Directed Services or CDS, as it is generally referred to in Missouri where individuals hire or choose their own caregiver, can operate differently, and go by a variety of names based on the state also. With this program, your family member can be paid to care for you! Agency Directed Services or IHS is a similar program, but the employer responsibility is left up the Agency and it provides less flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

Firstly, you must be on MO Healthnet (Medicaid) in Missouri to qualify. Medicaid is a State-operated health coverage program that varies somewhat from state to state, providing health insurance coverage for low-income individuals and families. The program is funded by both state and Federal funds. The Medicaid programs often have different names by state, for example, in Kansas, KanCare is the term while in Missouri, Medicaid is called MO HealthNet. Medicaid is often confused with Medicare a Federal program which is for seniors and individuals with permanent disabilities rather than being income-based. Individuals can have both Medicare and Medicaid coverage simultaneously, but Medicare does NOT provide in-home personal care services.

Secondly, you must have the right kind of Medicaid. There are different types, such as Medicaid for the elderly, for pregnant women, for children, etc. You may also be on a Managed Care Plan (MCO for short), in which case you may not have access to services.

Lastly, you must have medical conditions that qualify you for the service. In order to be on either program, you must meet “nursing home” level of care, which means your conditions are significantly reducing your ability to care for yourself in your home. We are happy to assist you in finding out if you could qualify and starting the process for you! Simply call 816-822-7432 or email for more information!

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