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Medicaid Personal Care | A Big Deal For Family Caregivers

If you are one of the many providing unpaid personal care for a family member – you know that the time and energy demands can be huge. Being a caregiver you might have wondering how or if you can get paid for your time and efforts. With the personal care program through Medicaid, you can become a paid caregiver for your loved ones. Medicaid personal care program is an in-home care program in which care staff comes the home to assist individuals with their personal needs. Family members can qualify as caregivers through this program. To participate in this program, you must be eligible for Medicaid (MOHealthnet).

Love doesn’t cost anything but taking care of your loved ones can add up. When you provide in-home care, you are giving loved ones an opportunity to stay in their home while getting the quality care they need. When you make the choice for in-home care and employ someone or become a caregiver to help your loved one, you should know that your decision was not only the economical one but the right one. The out-of-pocket expenses, time away from work and losing employment benefits can put anyone in a difficult situation. But programs such as this allow family members to receive financial aid for their services and time. If the person receiving care has Medicaid coverage and a qualifying disability, you will be paid as their employee. The Medicaid personal care program offers low-income individuals the freedom to pick their own home care attendant, including the option of hiring a family member or a friend.

Based on the hours of care provided, you will get paid through Access Personal Care ® for the work you perform. Individuals receiving care act as the employer by selecting their caregiver(s) and setting the rate of pay, through Access Personal Care they are allowed to pay their attendant(s) $11 per hour. Access Personal Care appreciates the hard work of caregivers, also known as personal care attendants, and ensures that their payroll is never unnecessarily delayed and that all administrative tasks are done correctly and in a timely fashion.

In home care offers a better quality for life and helps reduce Medicaid costs of expensive nursing home care. This program is available to seniors and individuals over 18 years of age with a qualifying disability. With personal care assistance, the care recipient is able to stay at home, and out of a facility that is segregated from the rest of the community. You may not have known you could get paid to care for a loved one, but now you know you can. The Medicaid program (MOHealthnet) compensates caregivers for the value of time and effort and appreciates the rights of the individual to remain in their own home when it is possible and cost-effective to do so. If you have questions about this program, please call 816.822.7432 and let us know how we can help.

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