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Medicaid Personal Care – Get Paid For Being a Family Caregiver

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

When your loved ones grow old they need assistance with daily life activities. Families with aging seniors inevitably ask themselves, “What’s the best way my loved one can stay at home with self-respect and grace?” The answer, of course, is in-home care, such as that available through the MOHealthnet personal care program. Sometimes, a family member takes charge and takes care of the elderly or a disabled adult. With time, they need more help as the responsibilities as a family caregiver increases. The caregivers spend more time with their loved ones and do whatever they can to provide them quality personal care.

When an individual is no longer to perform basic life activities, it hinders their ability to live independently. These activities include but are not limited to eating, getting around, dressing, grooming, bathing, and toileting. In-home caregivers are responsible for making sure these basic needs are met each and every day and help the person to carry on with these normal activities of daily life. Taking responsibility for a loved one's caregiving often comes with a price. When it requires you to leave your job, the cost is even higher. So caregivers may wonder if it’s possible for them to get compensation for their time and efforts. The answer is yes, there are programs which pay caregivers for their in-home personal care.

If a person who needs in-home care, is enrolled in MOHealthnet (Missouri Medicaid), for example, family caregivers might be able to get compensation through a waiver program. Waivers are provided as a substitute for nursing home care. This program allows individuals to be cared for at home rather than in a nursing home or other facility. Under this program, the recipient can pick their own home health aide which can be a family member (except spouses). The amount they receive is determined in part by the organization they select to receive services through, at Access Personal Care ® the rate is higher at $11 per hour because we appreciate the hard work it involves to provide personal care and our customers desire to pay their caregivers as well as the program can.

When Medicaid provides in-home care, it does so through a service provider, such as Access Personal Care ®. The agency offers free personal care to the individual and compensates the caregiver at an hourly rate, a service funded by Medicaid. With an increasing need for in-home care, there are many options for care providers, but choosing Access Personal Care ® as your provider ensures top quality customer service, bi-weekly payroll, $11 per hour pay rates, and the peace of mind of knowing that the administrative aspects of the care attendant's employment will be handled properly. This program allows seniors and people with disabilities to live a comfortable and independent life. If you are looking for home care in Missouri, contact Access Personal Care who provide free personal care for people who are on Medicaid. Access Personal Care serves many counties in Missouri so call 816-822-7432 to see how we can help you or your loved one today!

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