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The Basics of Consumer Directed Services

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

If you need assistance at home but doesn’t want a stranger caring for you, consumer directed services are the ideal solution. They also are a ready-made solution for people who are already caring for a loved one or friend. The caregiver can receive pay while taking care of the individual through Consumer-Directed Services. Consumer Directed Services (CDS) is a Medicaid program that offers personal care attendant (PCA) services to people with disabilities, allowing them to live independently. This program offers more choice and flexibility to consumers. Those who receive in-home care will have more control over the types of services and care they receive. The program assists people with a long-term physical disability obtain support with personal care for daily activities to increase their independence.

Personal Care Program

Consumer directed services are accessible to people who are Missouri residents and Medicaid qualified, and need in-home care. This program is a substitute for placement in a nursing facility for many individuals. If you or your loved one is not able to manage their care, they nevertheless might be a potential candidate for home and community-based Medicaid services, call us for more information at 816-822-7432. The participants in consumer directed services hire their own attendants to help them with tasks of daily living. These tasks include toileting, cleaning, grooming, medication, laundry and necessary transportation. This program is designed to help those with disabilities who need services to safely live in their own home. It is a consumer-controlled program as the person who receives these services is the employer of the personal care attendant.

Qualification For Consumer Directed Services

If you are Medicaid eligible and you are unable to take care of yourself and need help with personal care (such as bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning etc.) you may qualify. You should be able to direct your own caregiver, evaluating the quality of the care you receive.

A consumer directed services program applicant should be:

· Eligible for MOHealthnet (Medicaid).

· 18 years or older

· Able to direct his/her own care.

· Have a physical disability.

· Be able to live independently with the services of a PCA

· Need a nursing facility level of care.

Who Gets Paid?

For most of the families, caregiving become a heavy financial burden, as the opportunity-cost of taking care of a loved can mean sacrificing work opportunities and income. However, programs such as consumer directed services can help them financially. With these services, the caregiver will be financially compensated for their time and the care they provide to their loved ones. With Access Personal Care® this compensation is set by the care recipients, who are allowed to pay their attendants $11 per hour. The CDS program is funded by the MOHealthnet. People who only have Medicare or private insurance and do not have Medicaid are not qualified for this program. Individuals with dual Medicaid and Medicare coverage may qualify. With Consumer Directed Services, people hire their own caregivers. These caregivers can be family members (except spouse). The attendant is then paid through Access Personal Care ®. Work performed is verified by a telephone clock in/out system and Access Personal Care ® handles many of the administration functions of the care attendant's employment, including taxes, making their employer role manageable for the care recipient.

This program is ideal because of the flexibility it offers to consumers and care attendants alike, allowing scheduling flexibility and truly personalized care. For individuals who wish to participate in the program but do not know a qualified or available caregiver, resources are available for you to select the care attendant that best fits your needs. No need to settle for whomever and whenever an agency-directed care program has staff available, with Access Personal Care ® you choose who you allow into your home and who you trust to assist with your personal care duties. If you or someone you know needs these services, learn more by calling 816-822-7432. Free consultation is available to everyone.

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